Cherub Choir - Lakeview United Church
3200 McCallum Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0R8 (306) 586-7844

 2008-2009 Season (27th season)
September 12, 2008 Initial Rehearsal - 4:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall - 
new members welcome
Whole Choir
October 10, 2008 Regular rehearsal followed by get to know you pot luck supper Whole Choir 
and families
October 12, 2008 Sunday Worship Service - Thanksgiving/Harvest Thank you, Lord
If we counted all day long
Whole Choir
October 24, 2008 rehearsals resume at the usual time- 
remember the Halloween Family Fun evening starting at 6:30
October 31, 2008 Yes there will be a rehearsal but come in costume if you like
November 9, 2008 Sunday Worship Service Whole Choir
November 16, 2008 60th Anniversary Celebration - Dinner at 5:00 p.m. (optional) 
followed by entertainment including the cherubs - time to be 
My God is so big
King of the Jungle
Whole Choir
December 14, 2008 Sunday Worship Service Jog along little donkey
Follow that star
Whole Choir
December 24, 2008 Christmas Eve 7:00 p.m. Family Service Little Jesus
Hear the angels rejoicing
Whole Choir
December 26, 2008 NO REHEARSAL
January 9, 2009  REHARSALS RESUME
February 8, 2009 Sunday Worship Service We are the Church
God's love is deeper
Whole Choir
March 8, 2009 Sunday Worship Service I have fingers, I have toes
Jesus put this song
Whole Choir
March 29, 2009 Sunday Worship Service I've got a voice
Let me be your servant, Jesus
Whole Choir
April 3, 2009 Practice at church and then
proceed to do a concert at home nearby
Whole Repertoire Whole Choir
April 10, 2009 Concert at Broadway Terrace Whole repertoire Whole Choir
April 17, 2009 NO REHEARSAL
June 19, 2009 Season wrap-up and barbeque in park Whole choir
and parents

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
3519 Queen Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 2G1 (306) 586-5489