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Song Source Words Music Copyright Remarks
Go, Go, Go Kingdom Kids Songbook Jim Bailey Jim Bailey Kingsway's Thankyou Music easy
Small Things Count Voices United Shirley Erena Murray Jilian M. Bray Hope Publishing Company (words), Jilian Bray (music) moderate difficulty -words
Jesus loves the little children Sing 'n' Celebrate for Kids Rev. C.H. Woolston Geo. F Root Word Music Inc. easy
This little light of mine Sing 'n' Celebrate for Kids Traditional Traditional Arr. Word Music 
Word Music Inc.
Jesus is a friend of mine Come and Sing Some More Paul Mazak Paul Mazak Celebration Services International Ltd. easy - lots of repetition
One, two three, Jesus loves me Fresh Sounds Lisa Mizak Lisa Mizak The Fishermen, Inc. great counting song - fairly accessible to little ones
Jesus put this song into our hearts ? ? ? ? Cheerful - brought back from England by Margaret - she sang it to me and I wrote it out
Let your light shine Sing 'n' Celebrate for Kids Kurt Kaiser Kurt Kaiser Word Music Inc. Moderate difficulty but short
Thinking of Jesus Sing and Be Joyful Alice Goddard Earle Copes Graded press moderate difficulty -words
Jesus' Hands Were Kind Hands Come and Sing M. Cropper Kindliness 
Julian Chant
Words Mrs. A. Hopkinson 
Music - Oxford University Press
moderate difficulty -words
Jesus and His Friends Rejoice and Sing praise Pauline Palmer Meek Pauline Palmer Meek Graded Press easy to moderate - fair number of words but some repetition
Jesus Needed Helpers God's Little Choristers Frank L. Cross Ellen Jane Lorenz Lorenz Publishing Co. moderate difficulty (words) - refrain accessible to little ones
Behold, Behold Wee Sing Revelations 3:20 Pamela Conn Beale and Susan Hagen Nipp Pamela Conn Beale and Susan Hagen Nipp easy but short
King of the Jungle unknown - if anyone knows the source we would gladly up this entry ? ? ? All time favorite - Margaret's sister and her nieces taught it to her in England while walking through the Ashdown Forest -Winnie The Pooh county
Go Tell Friendship Adventures with Jesus Songbook Lois Redelfs Brokering Lois Redelfs Brokering Herb Associates Great piece - Good for little ones - lot's of repetition
Just Like Salt Just Like Salt Walter Farquharson Ron Klusmeier Musiklus and Spiritual Arts Society Lots of repetition
Let me be your servant Jesus Life Songs Judith A. Helms Judith A. Helms Judith A Helms moderate difficulty - great rhythm
All Around the World Songbook: God's Kids Pray Dori Erwin Colins Dori Erwin Collins Dori Erwin Collins mdoerate difficuly-words and rhythm - lowered a tone for cherubs
Thank you for the love of Jesus Come and Praise Beginning Geoffrey Gardner Douglas Coombes BBC Worldwide Moderate - rhythm tricky, words easy
Jesus is the password Kidsource Paul Field Paul Field Daybreak Music Ltd. Fairly easy
Jesus is the lighthouse Kidsource Alan Price Alan Price Daybreak Music Ltd. moderate difficulty - vocal range and words
Who spoke words of wisdom and life? Kidsource Mark and Helen
Mark and Helen
Daybreak Music Ltd. moderately difficult - lots of words
In Galilee beside the sea Come and Sing unknown unknown Words - The Religious Education Press Ltd very easy - lots of repetition
The Paralysed Man 5 minute songs for young people Hope Metszies Hope Metszies Hope Metzies easy - tune slightly altered
The Good Deed 5 minute songs for young people Hope Metszies Hope Metszies Hope Metszies moderate - words
Jesus is my friend Kidsource Julia Plaut Julia Plaut Daybreak Music Ltd. very easy - we insert clapping in half note rests
Get on board 
(Kingdom train)
Kidsource Capt. Alan Price Capt. Alan Price Daybreak Music Ltd. fairly easy, rhythmic - we do it with a swing rhythm

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
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