Cherub Choir - Lakeview United Church
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 Christian Life
Song Source Words Music Copyright Remarks
Oh! How good is the Lord Come and Sing Some More Anon. Anon. none given Great piece - we use just verses 2 and 3
I learn new things each day we learned this from a friend  unknown unknown unknown moderate difficulty - words
I have fingers, I have toes Happy Notes unknown unknown Morehouse-Barlow Co. Inc. fairly easy as an action song
God is with us New Child Songs Peter Tongeman Pauline Buzzing ? moderate difficulty - words
Standin' in the need of prayer Wee Sing spiritual spiritual ? easy
Whisper a prayer Wee Sing Pamela Conn Beale and Susan Hagen Nipp Pamela Conn Beale and Susan Hagen Nipp Pamela Conn Beale and Susan Hagen Nipp easy
Oh, be careful Sing 'n' Celebrate for Kids traditional traditional  Arr. Word Music Inc. easy - we do it in 6/8 as opposed to 4/4 time
We are the church Rejoice and Sing Praise Richard Avery and Donald Marsh Richard Avery and Donald Marsh Richard Avery and Donald Marsh moderate difficulty (words) but a great piece and perennial favorite
Lord, listen to your children praying Life Songs Ken Medema Ken Medema 1973 Hope Publishing Co. Easy - can add crying, singing praising and/or substitute for praying
Come! Come! Everybody worship Life Songs Natalie Sleeth Natalie Sleeth 1991 Cokesbury, admin Abingdom Press c/o The Copyright Company Easy chorus but quite a few words in five verses
Life together Life Songs Brian Pearson and
Sherry Pearson
Brian Pearson and
Sherry Pearson
Augsburg Fortress moderate difficulty - rhythm and words
Children of God Lindsay Music Margaret Hopkinson Douglas Coombes Lindsay Music moderate difficulty - words
This work was a trans-Atlantic collaboration between Margaret and Douglas Coombes and was written especially for our Cherub Choir!
Wiggly waggly song Come and Praise Beginning Paul Field Paul Field BBC Worldwide lot's of words but good fun - our kids love it
The two builders Kidsource unknown  unknown arr. Donald Thomson Kevin Mathew Ltd. We flip the verses and do the foolish map first and then the wise man. Easy and fund - accessible to little ones.
Don't build your house (Sandy land) Kidsource Karen Hafferty Karen Hafferty Maranatha! Music Rhythmic and fun - complements The two builders

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
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