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 God's World
Song Source Words Music Copyright Remarks
The robin and the sparrow God's Little Choristers Elizabeth Cheney Blanche Douglas Byles Lorenz Publishing Co. Fairly easy - we like to use it in the spring or early summer
Who makes the sunshine? God's Little Choristers N.H. and Linda Hawley Norma Hawley Lorenz Publishing Co. moderate difficulty - words 
can also be used for Thanksgiving but we prefer it in the spring or early summer
Oh, who can make a flower (Wonder Song) Come and Sing G.W. Owens D. Dawes Music - Scripture Union Fairly easy - lots of repetition
If we counted all day long Come and Sing Some More Judith Coney M. Tisley Green words - Judith Coney 
music - M. Tisley Green
moderate difficulty - words, but refrain accessible to little ones - counting song
My God is so big Come and Sing Some More unknown unknown Arr. Tony Rousell Easy action song - a perennial favorite - 
we use a slightly different tune than given in this source
Wiggly Waggly Song Come and Praise Beginning Paul Field Paul Field BBC Worldwide Education A challenge with alliteration and diction - lots of words but great fun

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
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