Cherub Choir - Lakeview United Church
3200 McCallum Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0R8 (306) 586-7844

 2001-2002 Season
Date Venue Pieces Remarks
September 07, 2001 Initial Rehearsal - 4:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall - 
new members welcome
Whole Choir
September 30, 2001 Sunday Worship Service Arky, Arky!
Song of the Rainbow
Whole Choir
October 28, 2001 Sunday Worship Service God is with us
I will give thanks
Whole Choir
October 28, 2001 Covenanting Service for Interim Ministers- 7:30 p.m. We are the Church Whole Choir with Junior and 
Senior Choirs
November 18, 2001 Sunday Worship Service We are the Church
My God is so big
December 9, 2001
Deferred from Nov 25
Sunday Worship Service Love, Love, Love
Let the world rejoice together
Whole Choir 
December 14, 2001 Christmas program for residents of Claddaugh Manor 
Personal Care Home at 4:30 p.m - normal practice time
Whole repertoire Whole Choir
December 21, 2001 Christmas Program for the residents of Marian Chateau 
(Senior's complex) at 4:30 p.m. - normal practice time
Whole repertiore Whole Choir
December  23, 2001 Sunday Worship Service Joseph went to Bethlehem
Hear the angels rejoicing
Whole Choir 
Christmas/Advent theme
December 24, 2001 Christmas Eve Family Service - 7:00 p.m. Shepherd, Shepherd
Joseph went to Bethlehem
Whole Choir
January 11, 2002 Practices resume for the winter semester - 4:30 p.m. in 
Fellowship Hall.  New members welcome!
TBA Whole Choir
Feburary 3, 2002 Sunday Worship Service Good Old Daniel
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
Whole Choir
March 3, 2002 Sunday Worship Service Behold, Behold
Thank you for the love of Jesus
Whole Choir
March 23, 2002 Mardi Gras church fund raiser - evening Chicken Sandwich
Go Go Tell
King of the Jungle
Whole choir
April 5, 2002 Regina Village seniors complex - concert during 
regular rehearsal time (4:30 p.m.)
whole repertoire whole choir
April 14, 2002 Sunday Worship Service Who makes the sunshine
Life Together
Whole Choir
May 12, 2002 Sunday Worship Service One, two three, Jesus loves me
If I counted all day long
Whole Choir
May 25, 2002 95th Birthday party for Roy Dahl at 5:30 p.m.
Shrine centre (just south of bus station on Hamilton)
park across street in SaskPower lot for free
15 minute program of cherub choir favourites
selected repertoire Whole Choir with Latricia directing
and Bill accompanying
June 2, 2002 Sunday Worship Service in waterfall park (church picnic) If we counted all day long
My God is so Big
King of the Jungle
Whole Choir
June 7, 2002 Friday year-end wind-up (4:30) and potluck supper (5:00+) Review, fun songs and musical games Whole choir and parents.

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
3519 Queen Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 2G1 (306) 586-5489