Cherub Choir - Lakeview United Church
3200 McCallum Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0R8 (306) 586-7844

 2006-2007 Season (25th season)
September 15, 2006 Initial Rehearsal - 4:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall - 
new members welcome
Whole Choir
October 6, 2006 Rehearsal Cancelled
October 22, 2006 Sunday Worship Service I will give thanks
New day beginning
Whole Choir
December 10, 2006 Sunday Worship Service Stay awake, be ready
Joy! Joy! The angel's sang
Whole Choir
December 22, 2006 Concert at Marian Chateau whole repertoire including
Christmas Time is Coming
Christmas Day
Whole Choir
January 5, 2007 start new music Whole Choir
January 21, 2007 Sunday Worship Service Wiggly waggly song
God's love is deeper
Whole Choir
April 1, 2007 Sunday Worship Service Jesus is my friend
Get on board ( Kingdom train)
Whole Choir
April 29, 2007 Sunday Worship Service The two builders
Don't build your house (Sandy land)
Whole Choir
May 25, 2007 Concert at senior's residence whole repertoire Whole Choir
June 3, 2007 Sunday worship in the park TBA Whole Choir

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
3519 Queen Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 2G1 (306) 586-5489