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Since the fall of 1982, my wife and I have been leading a cherub choir at our church.  We have looked for information about cherub choirs on the Internet but most sites merely state they exist.  This site is meant to share some of our experience and provide a forum for information sharing.  We found no sites that address repertoire, teaching aids, practice formats etc.  It is our hope that this site will fill that void and let you know what has worked well for us over the years.  We are also looking for new repertoire ideas and would welcome your input!

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Directors - Margaret - Ron
2018-2019 Season - updated December 13, 2018

Note: children are welcome to join at
          any time during the year

Cherub choir all-time favourite pieces

sketch Larry Davis


Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
3519 Queen Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 2G1 (306) 586-5489