Cherub Choir - Lakeview United Church
3200 McCallum Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 0R8 (306) 586-7844

Bible Stories
To introduce some songs, we will find an appropriate story.  The Arch Book series is excellent but there are also many other resources.

To reinforce the message of the song or the Bible story we will ask questions to ensure the children understand what they are singing about.

Musical Guests
As time permits, we occasionally have a musician (senior student or professional) bring his/her instrument so the children can see and hear it close at hand. Examples are trumpet, violin, cello, tuba, clarinet, flute, trombone, viola, oboe, percussion.  Usually the guest will explain how the instrument makes sound, how it is played and will then play a few excerpts which may be familiar or funny or show the particular quality of the instrument's sound.

Usually before Christmas and again in late spring, we take the cherubs to one or more of the following where we have parishioners who can't come to church any more.  The choir presents a little concert of the pieces learned in that semester as well as a number of perennial favourites that we keep in practice.  This is much appreciated by the seniors, the children and their parents.
Nursing homes - eg. Mutchmor Lodge, Qu'Appelle House
Personal Care Homes - Claddagh Manor
Seniors Residences - Marian Chateau, Regina Village
Hospitals - Pasqua Hospital

Church Functions - The cherubs have performed at numerous luncheons, fund raising concerts, Bible Society dinners and teas ,etc.

 Directors: Margaret and Ron Hopkinson
3519 Queen Street, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, S4S 2G1 (306) 586-5489